Kind-hearted singer Keith Urban granted a young woman’s last wish with such a thrilling tender serenade

Before leaving this world, Marissa English, a young woman of 25, experienced incredible joy. She was actually born with a number of health issues: Her brain contained cysts and water.

She was, however, a true fan of Keith Urban, the well-known singer and musician, despite multiple diagnoses. She had always wanted to meet her favorite Keith Urban in person at a live concert. Her desire was so great and pure, that she accumulated her last solidarity to undoubtedly obtain the passes for her show. Marissa bought it despite her doubts about her ability to attend.

She had so much hope that she would be able to catch her favorite singer’s live performance in Toledo, Ohio. However, her health quickly changed and she was unable to attend the show. When the poor girl realized this might be the last time she would see her icon, it made her feel uncomfortable and broke her heart. After seeing Marissa in this situation, Marissa’s nurses were soon unable to remain indifferent and wrote the singer a letter with a request.

Urban changed all of his planned activities so he could go see Marissa. When Urban walked into the girl’s room and greeted her while she was at Mercy Kids Hospital, it was a thrill for her. She said it was the best day of her life! That day, the singer sang her the song “Blue Ain’t Your Color” and called her “the best fan.” Marissa and Urban would always remember it as a remarkable day!

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