It’s hard to believe, but a girl can also be a trucker

Women in the transport industry are still quite rare, which is why such a beauty at the wheel of a truck arouses considerable emotions, especially among representatives of the opposite sex.

Angelica Larsson is a truck driver girl. This fragile-looking blonde received her trucking license at the age of 19. She became world famous for her looks. She is rightfully called the most beautiful truck driver in the world.

On a daily basis, she drives a Scania and operates heavy equipment, and in her spare time she rides a motorcycle and dives.
The title of the most beautiful woman did not please her, though her profile on Instagram does not lack photographs showing her charms… most often with a truck in the background.

However, Larsson wants to be judged on her professional qualities, not on her “face. And it must be said, her skills are really impressive. In addition to heavy multi-ton trucks, Angelica can easily handle almost any heavy equipment. Snowplows, dump trucks, excavators – these are just a few of the machines the girl has already tried her hand at.

Angelica proves every day that appearances are wrong. This delicate woman copes amazingly well with the challenges and responsibilities of her profession.
See for yourself:

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