It’s an island in motion. It is very beautiful and looks like the moon

In the swampy delta of the Prana River, the film crew accidentally discovered a perfectly round lake. The same round island floats above itself, constantly changing places. The proportions of the objects are perfect, but humans did not create them. The spherical island was discovered a few kilometers from Buenos Aires. It was filmed by a group of documentarians who were working on a nature film for the area.

The images show that the island located in a round lake floats around its axis and moves along the outer circle. After a survey of local residents, it turned out that they had known the island for a long time, but preferred not to approach it.

According to popular beliefs, the house of a certain creature is hidden under the round “lid” – what kind of creature people refused to say. The color of the water is another mystery. The water in the marshes is dark, but in this lake it is transparent as a tear,” one of the authors of the discovery, Sergio Neuspiller, told the press. Fundraising is still ongoing.


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