It was the fastest chair turn in history, in four seconds… music definitely in Jade’s blood.

The teenager manages the fastest four-chair turn in history.

When the talented teenager Jade de Rijke decided to sing Dua Lipa’s song ‘Homesick’, she didn’t expect the jury chairs on The Voice Kids to turn around in less than four seconds.

Originally from Belgium, Jade auditioned for The Voice Kids in her country in 2018. Already in the first few seconds of her performance, it was clear to the judges that she was something special. First one judge, then another turned their chairs, and she didn’t even have time to finish the first measure of the song she was singing.

It was the fastest chair turn in the history of the show, and Jade, not paying attention, continued her performance. Finally, all four judges turned to signal that they wanted Jade to join their team.

Her gentle voice charmed the judges, and her confident behavior on stage impressed all of us. No wonder she did so well on the show. She really is a star.

Music is definitely in Jade’s blood because she just released the single «Straw House». «It’s a calm song that I fully accept,» Jade says, «but for clarity, I’ll say that the lyrics about a difficult relationship are not about me.»


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