Irish President’s Adorable Dog Steal The Spotlight In The Mid-Interview

The Irish President’s dog stole the show from his owner during a TV interview. While the head of state paid tribute to the recently deceased actor, the animal did everything to get his attention.

The moment was supposed to be solemn, but Misnich decided otherwise. This created a touching scene.

Misnich is one of two Bernese Mountain Dogs owned by Irish President Michael D. Higgins. That day, an 80-year-old man was giving an interview to the national news channel RTE News when his four-legged friend, who was next to him, attracted everyone’s attention.

President Higgins paid tribute to actor Tom Hickey, star of the Irish TV series The Riordans, who passed away on May 1. However, Misnich, 7 months old, had other plans. He wanted caresses and games.

He did everything to get them; biting, sweethearts … The owner, however, was not embarrassed and continued his speech.

Two months earlier, Michael D. Higgins and the First Lady introduced Misnich, along with his older brother, Brod. Misneach means «courage» in Gaelic.

Last year, at a reception hosted at Aras en Ouachtaraine (residence of the President of Ireland) on the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2020), Brod stood out in an equally charming way.

In the video below, he can be seen walking leisurely among the guests, wagging his tail, and then approaches the president to demand a hug.

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