“I want to be a mother”: a sterilized cat came to the threshold of the house with a kitten

Asya was a domestic cat, when the time came, the owner took her to the clinic for sterilization. The animal endured the procedure itself well, Asya quickly recovered and continued her usual life. It seemed that the procedure did not change the cat in any way, but it was only an appearance.

In winter, Asya hardly left the house, it was too cold outside. As soon as the first spring warmth melted the ice, the cat began to disappear in the yard for a long time, returning home only to eat and sleep. Sometimes, returning from her walks, Asya did not even go into the house, but spent the night in the yard, occupying a doghouse.

One of the walks turned out to be much longer than the others, and Asya did not show up at home for two days. The owner Lisa was already thinking of going in search of a pet, but decided to postpone them until the morning. In the middle of the night, the girl heard someone walking through the window. Lisa realized that it was Asya who had returned, because that was how the cat always announced its presence, waiting to be let into the house.

As soon as the hostess opened the door of the house, the cat immediately proceeded into the room. Only a few seconds later, Liza noticed that Asya had something in her teeth. The owner decided that the cat had come from hunting and wanted to show her his trophy. Asya often brought birds and mice caught on the street, fallen leaves found near the house.

With her prey, the cat reached the bowl, and only when she lowered it to the floor, Lisa realized that it was a small kitten. At the bowl, Asya planted him in order to feed him.

Asya was definitely not the mother of the baby. There were no signs of pregnancy in the cat, and sterilization did not contribute to their appearance in any way. Most likely, during her walks, Asya found a baby who was left without a mother and decided to adopt him.

Noticing the look of the mistress, the cat meowed loudly, as if saying that she had already decided to leave the baby and no objections to this matter were inappropriate.

The kitten stayed in the house. Asya stopped disappearing on walks and spent all her time next to the baby. Sterilization has deprived the cat of the opportunity to give birth to a kitten, but not to become a mother. Asya’s maternal instinct turned out to be very strong, she took care of the baby and tirelessly took care of him.


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