Heroic Road Worker Brings Drowning Kitten Back To Life And Adopts Her

A road worker named Metin Keskin saved a drowning kitten during flash flood in Istanbul, Turkey, and brought him back to life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Keskin recounted how he came across the kitten when he and his coworkers were sent to clear away floodwaters. The tiny stray kitten was being swept away by heavy rains to the brink of death, when he spotted her and rushed to pick her up. She was motionless, seemingly lifeless, and wasn’t making any sound.

Keskin, however, wouldn’t abandon the helpless child. He squatted down next to her on the sidewalk and made the decision to try mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in an effort to resuscitate the small kitty.

Keskin began to breathe gently into the cat’s mouth and give her a few chest compressions. He also gave her a long body massage to assist her gently warm up and expel the water from her lungs.

After a few tense minutes, they cheered in joy and excitement when they spotted a sign of life. The kitten expelled the water through his mouth and let out a weak meow.

Keskin rushed the kitten to an animal hospital where she was nursed back to health, and could fully recover. However, it was not the last time Keskin could see the kitten because he decided to adopt her and give her a forever home.

At a press conference held at the zoo, Keskin said, “She becomes our kitty today, and I’m really thrilled.

I appreciate all you done for the kitty. You have a lovely heart and are a sweet man. We are overjoyed to learn that she is now warm and secure in her new residence.


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