Dog and lion were best friends, but then they were separated: see the touching reunion

The lion in the shelter grew up in the company of a dachshund. But then people decided that the neighborhood of two completely different animals is a bad idea.

But after the separation, the lion immediately became sad for a long time.

Then the shelter staff decided to return the dachshund to the lion and filmed the meeting of the animals on video.

Lion Bondigger appeared on the farm as a lion cub.

People noticed that he had problems with his paws. So he could not run fast and would not survive in nature.

They decided to leave the lion with a large enclosure made for him.

Despite the fact that Bondigger is not a fast runner, he still began to grow rapidly and gain strength.

There were other animals on the farm: Abby the dachshund immediately noticed the replenishment and began to visit the enclosure with the lion.

Gradually, their friendship grew stronger: the animals played together almost every day.

But at some point in time, people began to fear that the lion was too big for a dachshund. One awkward move and Abby may not be happy.

Soon the decision was made to take the dog away from the farm and Bondigger was left alone.

Very quickly, the lion got sad. He stopped going out of his enclosure, ate very poorly, and spent most of his days lying in a corner and staring at the wall.

At first, people thought that over time, the behavior would return to normal. But as the months went by, the lion still remained sad and looked worse every day.

Then one of the employees of the shelter decided to return everything back. He went for the dog and placed him into Bondigger’s enclosure.

Literally in minutes, the lion completely changed.

Old friends instantly recognized each other, despite the time.

“These two break all stereotypes about wildlife. They are true friends,” says local trainer, Reiken.

No one else thought that they should be separated again.

The lion very quickly returned to his normal appearance. And people can only continue to wonder what the friendship of completely different animals is like.


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