Dance Team Drops Jaw-Dropping Routine Making The Audience Roar With Applause

The Emerald Belles are world-famous for their unbelievable high kick routines. Every perfectly choreographed dance act delivers explosive action, precision timing, and creative expressions that push the boundaries of interpretative dance. After rising to fame on America’s Got Talent, Southlake Carroll’s high kicking dance team have continued to astound.

This is the dance kick routine that won the Emerald Belles first place in the annual Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition. The way that they’ve arranged a sequence around the ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’ track by Eurythmics is breathtaking. Not once do these girls set a step out of unison, as they deliver the performance of their lives.

The sea of grey and blue creates a mesmerizing sight, as these dancers fold into rows, arranging and rearranging each sequence in a seamless flow. Every moment is electric. From the incredible kicks to the solo dance show that takes center stage – their showmanship is overwhelmingly good.

Just wait until these dancers form a circle and start to kick. It’s a spectacular that compels you to stay glued to your screen as their choreographed movement fills the stage. Their performance has been compared to many things from award-winning dance recitals to optical illusions, but no description quite does these dancers justice. The show is something else.

Once you witness Southlake Carroll’s Emerald Belles performing their competition-winning dance set to ‘Sweet Dreams’ you’ll soon see why they are one of Texas’ most beloved acts. For years, the Belles have capturing the hearts of audiences in and around their home but now thanks to AGT and the Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition, these stars are world-famous.


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