Dad Starts Playing Guitar For Toddler Twins And Their Dance Reaction Is Adorable

These toddler twins start dancing when their dad plays his self-composed guitar piece called My Paradise – a song he wrote just for his daughters. These girls are the same babies who took the internet by storm in 2012 for dancing in their high chairs to the sound of their dad’s guitar.

The cute, filmed moment of the two identical 19 month old twins dancing was posted by YouTube user Bravadere who wrote, “This is a video of our identical twin girls still dancing to dad’s guitar at 19 months.

It’s just amazing how they create their own dance moves! The song I’m playing is an original, which I composed just for them :)” According to his YouTube channel, the adorable twins’ dad is an independent artist who enjoys writing, producing and mixing music.

In matching outfits, matching hairstyles and, of course, a matching love of music, the twins transform the living room where their fireplace is located into a dance floor. The video was posted nearly seven years ago, which means the twins are elementary school kids, but we like to think they keep jamming and jumping every time their dad pulls out his guitar and starts playing .

These girls are the same babies who took the internet by storm in 2012 doing what they do best: dancing to music. What makes the video even more unique is that it shows how special a twin bond is: just look at the way they look at each other when the music starts as if to say, “Do you think what am I thinking? »

A McMaster University study found that babies who are exposed to music are more likely to smile. When these musical babies cry, they are easier to soothe than babies who don’t hear music.

Additionally, additional exposure to music is linked to babies being more likely to explore the world around them. For all these different reasons, smart parents should expose their young children to music.

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