Dad performs the National Anthem, but it is Baby who stole the spotlight with her passionate backup performance.Video

The moment the father began singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ his young son became enthralled and joined in.

She jumped in and offered her dad a beat to follow when he heard him sing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’

She allowed her father’s patriotism to flow through her once the U.S. National Anthem reached its climax and grinned ear to ear.

When dad starts the music in the video, our star is grinning and giggling while dancing on his highchair.The infant starts to sing along as the song starts.

She sings such high notes and exudes passion for it with every fiber of her frail frame. This duet is just beautiful.

By the time the father sings, ‘And the rockets’ crimson flash,’ his child is dancing and raising her arms

in the air like a professional singer. You can see the emotion in her face, just like with any great vocalist.

Millions of people are watching and listening to this sweet rendition of the national anthem by two folks.

Infants enjoy singing. When people sing to them, they adore it. Lullabies are effective for this reason. Baby speaking development is even aided by it.

By no means would I call this music a conventional lullaby. This baby gives a great response when ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is played. She certainly is familiar with the tune.

Her father must frequently sing the song to her. She spreads her arms widely and squeals along to her favorite songs.

The majority of the song is actually kept in time by this little one. This infant is not only adorable,

but also gifted in the arts and has a strong affinity for music. Continually sing to your daughter, dad! You and we will both continue to be amazed by her.


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