Brother meets triplet siblings for the first time! What a beautiful moment…

Parents always worry about how their first child will perceive the appearance of another baby in the family. I really want them to become best friends and appreciate the bonds that bind them. For a child, the birth of a new family member is a very important event, experiencing which, they intuitively understand that now everything will be different.

Now your first child will have a playmate who will be more than just a friend. They will quarrel and reconcile, play and fight, share generously with each other and shout: “This is mine!”, protect from offenders and tell mother each other. And when they grow up, they will have common memories of childhood, of their family, which will help them maintain their unique connection in any life vicissitudes.

Parents will need twice as much love, patience and sensitivity in raising multiple children. But most people are happy to have a brother or sister, and if you are still in doubt about having a second child, check out this collection of touching photos of the first meeting of babies.

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