Baby Pitbull Reacts Emotionally When The Man Who Saved Her Comes Back To Adopt Her

I can just watch this over and over, forever!


Joey Wagner, a Marine from Nova Scotia, went above and beyond to rescue a young Pit Bull on the brink of ‘de.ath’.

The puppy was infected with mange and Wagner acted quickly! He took the dog to the vet for immediate care.

Thankfully, his quick reaction saved the puppy in time. The medical team here named the puppy Mojo for the good luck in his life.

The medical team didn’t want Mojo to be raised traditionally. So they contacted a very special person to see if he would welcome Mojo into their home. It’s clear he’s already opened his heart…

When Wagner returned to the clinic to see the reaction of the puppy he had saved, Wagner was greeted in a very special way. Mojo the puppy was extremely emotional when he saw the man who saved her. sense that the dog misses Wagner and then they decide to reunite this is really a genius!

Time passed, now Mojo the dog is three years old and doing great! He is living happily with the Wagner family.

It’s great that the dog has a loving home

Watch their amazing reunion right here!


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