Baby girl wanted her dog’s personal space. Prompting response from the dog family did expect

Babies are very cute creatures, also interesting. They might not speak, but already be able to express their love towards anyone. They are emotional and that is what makes them cuter.

They want to know everything about what surrounds them, they love almost everyone they meet, and of course they are happy about small things in life. They spread positive energy and try to show their love to everyone and animals are no exception.

This baby girl from Texas recently made a big splash on YouTube when she was featured in a home video interacting with the family dog. It gained so many views and everyone on different social medias adored her. In the video the adorable girl shows a lot of affection to the dog, who was taking a nap peacefully on the carpet.

You can see in the video that the dog is bigger from her, but it doesn’t bother her to enter his personal space without any hesitation and show affection. They couldn’t think that the ordinary video from their daily life would go viral.

The dog shows very nice gestures too. It seemed like he was uninterested in the baby. But… it was just at first and eventually, her enthusiasm seemed to rub off on the dog. Surprisingly, the dog got up, went over to the baby, and gave her kisses and hugs. The family didn’t expect their calm dog to act like that.

Things like this remind us once more that animals feel us. They feel our love, our good and bad sides, our hate. So, if you are being treated badly by an animal, try to change something in you, because they always return what they received, and sometimes they can give only love, even when they didn’t receive it…

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