Although this 15-year-old singer chooses a difficult song to play, Simon Cowell is knocked flat by her gorgeous voice.

On Britain’s Got Talent, Sarah Ikumu appeared unassuming, modest, and “expecting to do her best.” At age 5, Sarah, a young immigrant from Kenya, started singing in the church choir that her father frequented. Her parents attended her big debut to encourage and support their daughter. Sarah, who is already a rather diminutive woman, made the decision to enter the renowned talent competition.

She revealed that she would sing one of the most famous songs ever, Jennifer Hudson’s sweeping ballad “You’re Gonna Love Me,” after performing for the judges. For once, Simon disapproved of her music selection right away but nevertheless allowed her to continue. Ella The events that followed are indescribable. Simon and the other attendees found it difficult to trust what they were hearing.

The 15-year-old singer gave a performance fit for the greatest singers of all time, singing onstage with perfect control, maturity, and musicality. She gave the impression of being “possessed.” Simon pressed the golden button after being startled and without hesitation.



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