Adorable Young Girl Goes Viral Dancing to Beyoncé in front of Her very own WIND MACHINE

Baylor Mooney, a two-year-old, has taken the internet by storm with her cute dance video. The video, filmed by her mother, shows her dancing on a kitchen counter, holding a corn dog, while Beyoncé’s hit song “Crazy in Love” plays in the background.

Brooke Mooney, Baylor’s mother, posted the video on Facebook with the caption “Workin’ that Beyoncé wind…with a corn dog in hand!” She was surprised by the overwhelming response the video received. She said, “I never thought that I would have friends or followers.”

Viewers of the video expressed their adoration for the little girl’s performance, with one comment saying, “Oh my gosh! She’s so adorable! I was searching for this video from the NEWS! Please do more of her! What joy she has.” Many requested more heartwarming videos of the toddler.


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