A woman says her last goodbye to her beloved horse and dogs from the bed of the hospice

A 68-year-old woman with a terminal illness says goodbye for the last time to her horse Bob and her two puppies.
This story shows how important animals become in our lives and the special bond they manage to form regardless of their species.

Jan Holman, 68, is a terminally ill woman who until recently was hospitalized but was transferred to Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester, England.

Although he received all the necessary care, he missed his pets very much; his horse Bob and his two puppies Monty and Rowley.

Woman says goodbye to her pets

According to the woman, until the last day before her admission, she rode Bob and made it clear that he was a very important part of her life.

Noting Jan’s condition, the staff decided to surprise her by registering her three furry friends on the visiting list, in order to achieve a beautiful reunion. After arranging all the details, hospice staff took Jan to the patio door for an emotional surprise.

At this moment Jan could see her horse Bob approaching, accompanied by staff from Thornleigh Park Farm Stables, where she lives free. Although the woman couldn’t get out of bed, the happiness was evident on her face, especially at having the chance to see Bob again.

Bob didn’t hesitate to stick his head out to let Jan pet him, he fell on his knees and stroked her neck.

Plus, he enjoyed the delicious carrots, bananas, and apples she gave him. She was excited and her face lit up.

Jan said, according to METRO:

“Until a few weeks ago I still rode Bob every day and he is such a big part of my life, and I missed him so much. »

But the best part of the emotional encounter was yet to come, as her two puppies Monty and Rowley also arrived, who stayed by her bed.

Jan was happy to see her pets again, because since her admission to the hospital, she had not had the opportunity to say goodbye to them. But thanks to the kind staff of the hospice, Ms. Jan was able to enjoy the emotional reunion and regain some strength to continue her fight.

Jan commented:

“I can’t believe what the hospice staff have done for me. »

Several photographs taken by the staff show the beautiful meeting and the precise moments in which Jan shared with her three pets. While the woman and her family knew they could arrange a visit from their two dogs, they never expected to be lucky enough to bring Bob with them.

For this, she and her husband are very grateful to him, especially since since her arrival at the hospice, she can receive regular visitors.


Without a doubt, the most important thing for Jan was to be able to include her two dogs and her beloved horse Bob on the visiting list.


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