A woman left a touching letter to her faithful companion abandoned out of spite in front of the veterinary clinic

Veterinarians at a clinic in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut made a sad discovery while working. A bulldog named Fatty. McFat in his steel cage. Doctors quickly noticed that the man had left behind his blanket, toys and a bowl of cold water. Looking closer, he found a letter. “My name is Fat McFate. I am only combative because I am afraid. My master loves me so much, I am his life!”

My human is homeless and finds out he is sick. He can’t take care of me anymore. Please don’t judge him. They tried to move me so many times and nobody cared! It’s not fair that I live in the car. My people call him sorry everyday and he loves me. […] As a human being, all I want is the opportunity to be loved, respected and loved, no matter what. Coming here he was sad and sad. – Big Mac Fat”. The vet couldn’t hold back the tears. He checked and found that Mike Chubby was in good shape. But he was afraid. The dog was then donated to the Simon Foundation, an organization specializing in pet conservation. Fatty MacFat was shy at first, but quickly trusted the volunteers caring for him. “Encouraged by patience and gentleness, the duo quickly demonstrated their skills.

He was comfortable and at ease,” he said. During this time, the dog’s owner also contacts the shelter for information. She struggled with all her heart and finally found a job and a place to live. Finally, after months of separation, FattyMacFat has reunited with a loved one. The reunion is very touching. The two are now enjoying the chance to be together again.


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