A woman got the cutest tattoo in memory of her beloved dog

For many years Anna and her beloved dog Sebastian were inseparable friends. Despite all the vagaries of life, the little puppy never stopped smiling at the girl. “He was special to me and always will be,” she said. “We were the best of friends.”

Among the many ways Sebastian could show his love for Anna was a cute motion he had invented himself. It seems that always at the perfect moment, Sebastian approached and shook Anna’s hand with his little paws. “He loved shaking my hand,” she said.

However, no matter how joyful their time together was, it couldn’t last forever. Unfortunately, in the fall of last year, the dog passed away. Halchin was heartbroken at the sudden separation from his beloved dog. But during her grief, she found a sweet way to make Sebastian a part of her forever. “I wanted something that was always with me no matter what, and the tattoo just looked perfect,” Anna said. She chose a design reminiscent of Sebastian’s favorite pose:

Just as Sebastian would have accepted Anna in real life, he now does the same in the spirit that is immortalized in this artistic tribute. “Now every time I look down it’s like he’s hugging me,” the girl said. “It helped me a bit to cope.” Sebastian may not be there, but he still makes Halsin smile and comfort her when she needs it most. Like always.

Today, thanks to this tattoo in his honor, Sebastian continues to live on in the hearts of others. After Anna shared the body art with an online pet loss support group, it drew a flood of well-wishes and applause — both for the tattoo and for the cute dog that inspired him.

Sebastian’s hug continues. After that she got different messages from people who showed her pictures of their similar dogs, and Sebastian seemed like every one of them, ‘I like to think it’s him every time he says,’ Hi Mom.


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