A very exciting and significant birth of twin red pandas at the Zoo Boise became a new object of admiration for the visitors

Recently, Zoo Boise declared about the two miraculous red panda babies’ birth.

The newborn cub’s fantastic parents are Dolly and Spud. These twins are the second litter of the happy panda pair, but the seventh litter for mother Dolly.

The babies should spend some time with their parents side in the den.

After a couple of weeks, these curious babies can start their exploration out of the den.

Dolly is a fantastic mother, she is very caring, loving and experienced.

The twins should be happy to have such an amazing and wonderful mother.

The Zoo staff is trying to provide her a peaceful environment, in order Dolly could take care of her babies without any stress.

The adorable twins are the good result of an SSP program.

In the circle of this program the population of red pandas increases, besides, through this program people know more about these species, who are vulnerable or under threat.

The couples with good gene are paired up for the reproduction.


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