A man held a small creature and paraded it on the beach so that its cries were heard

A man enjoying his daily walk behind his house heard frantic calls for help. While investigating, he didn’t find anything or anyone around but he was puzzled. The situation was not typical of the norm, so the man continued on the beach to see what was going on. As the man continued to walk closer to shore, he saw a tiny creature that was so vulnerable that his heart broke. This baby otter, who should have been with his family in the water, just sat in a pile of tears crying for his mother. The aquarium employee knew he had to try to unite the otter with his family.

Happy endings aren’t always easy to find for otters with special needs. As their stories show, the Monterey Bay Aquarium rescued a traumatized baby puppy. Now his fearlessness is empowering other young otters with the Shedd Aquarium that has made his home there easier.

A baby otter has made it to its new home. Wait and see what happens next when she meets her new caregivers. Will you look at his face?


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