A Japanese Man Thought He Found A Cute Puppy But Turns Out It Was A Different Animal

While heading towards the village of Tsukigata, a Japanese man noticed a small creature on the side of the road. Thinking he found an escaped pup, he took it home and tweeted @marcy_com, hoping to return the animal to its owners. “I found this pup on Route 275 in the Tsukigatho station area around 2:30 p.m..”

The Japanese noted that the sounds made by the animal can hardly be called ordinary barking. And, of course, it turned out not to be a puppy. The animal turned out to be a fox as they are called in Japan. This explains the fact that no one has been able to find the owner of the animal.

However, the fact that the animal is not a pet does not mean that it does not need help. The little fox was only a month or two old, which is much younger than the age when he can feed himself. It is unknown what happened to his mother, but apparently she had no intention of caring for him, and the cub is too young to survive on his own.

The man took the baby to Kitu de Bokuso (Northern Fox Farm), a fox sanctuary in Kitami, Hokkaido, where the cub can live happily and safely.

Before finally saying goodbye, the Japanese decided to give the fox a name so that their hobby would somehow be remembered. As a result, the baby was named “Tsuki”, in honor of the village of Tsukigata, where the man found the fox. From Japanese “tsuki” is translated as “moon”.


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