A great sporting performance from a 97-year-old grandmother

When most people think of competitive gymnasts, they imagine teenagers or people in their early twenties. It’s rare to see a gymnast over 30 who is still in competition! Johanna Quaas, 97, defies all predictions and inspires the world. Johanna, from Germany, had no conventional path to becoming a gymnast given the end of her life when she started the sport. According to Guinness World Records, Johanna started gynecology at the age of 56.

At 86, she won the title of the world’s oldest female gymnast and was interviewed by Guinness World Records about her experience: Johanna first went viral after her gymnastics routine went viral. Naturally, people were impressed by his movements at 86!

Johanna continued to practice gymnastics and compete until her retirement in 2018. Although she is no longer competitive, she still shares lots of inspiration on Instagram to stay active and fit. Many people can only dream of living to be 97, and those who live that long often have a pretty poor quality of life at that point.

Johanna, however, shows that this is not always the case. Check out some of his posts below:


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