A dog deemed as “undesirable” was scheduled to be euthanized, so a girl started reading stories to him

Once upon a time, there was a small dog named Max. Max was a mixed breed dog with shaggy fur and a wagging tail that never stopped.

Unfortunately, Max was deemed as “undesirable” by the shelter he was in. This meant that he had a very slim chance of being adopted and was scheduled to be euthanized.

One day, a young girl named Lily came to the shelter with her family. Lily had always loved dogs and begged her parents to let her adopt Max. However, her parents were hesitant because of Max’s label as undesirable. Despite this, Lily refused to leave the shelter without Max.

As they prepared to leave, Lily noticed that Max looked sad and scared. She wanted to comfort him, but she didn’t know how. Then she had an idea. Lily pulled out a book from her backpack and began to read to Max.

At first, Max was hesitant and didn’t pay much attention to Lily. But as she continued to read, Max began to relax and even nuzzled his head against Lily’s leg. Lily was thrilled to see Max responding to her reading.

From that day on, Lily came to the shelter every day to read to Max. They would sit in the corner of the shelter’s playroom, surrounded by toys and other dogs, but Lily and Max only had eyes for each other. Lily would read for hours, and Max would snuggle up to her, occasionally letting out a happy bark.

Over time, Lily’s visits to the shelter became more frequent, and she spent more and more time with Max. She started bringing him treats and toys and even taught him some tricks.

Eventually, Lily’s parents saw how much Max had changed since she started reading to him, and they agreed to adopt him. Max was overjoyed to finally have a forever home with a family that loved him.

Lily and Max continued to read together every day, even after Max was adopted. They would curl up together on the couch, with Max’s head resting on Lily’s lap, as she read him stories about brave dogs and loyal companions.

Max never forgot how Lily’s reading had saved his life and brought him a family, and he spent the rest of his days showering her with love and gratitude. And Lily knew that no matter what happened, as long as she had Max, everything would be alright.


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