A 21-year-old girl takes care of her five siblings after the death of their parents

The Rodriguez family had six children, raised by loving parents. But in 2013, disaster struck. The mother passed away after a failed battle with cancer. Only the eldest daughter Samantha remembers the woman well, as all the other children were too young. It was Samantha who helped her father raise the youngest children after her mother passed away.

The 17-year-old raised her five siblings on her own. Her husband did everything he could to make sure the children were comfortable and didn’t feel their mother’s absence. But now fate has decided once again to deal a cruel blow to the Rodriguez family.
The head of the family fell seriously ill and, after extensive examinations, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Samantha dropped out of school to care for her father and young children.

The most difficult period was when her husband left her.
At that time, the guardian wanted to take all the minor children to an orphanage, but Samantha could not afford it.

After all, his siblings are the only family he has left. After the death of her parents, the family received allowances, but the money was not enough, so Samantha got a job as a waitress.
When things got better, Samantha was able to finish school and go to college. At home, she was helped by her adult sisters.


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