A 2-year-old girl was playing with a Doberman. Suddenly, the dog whined at the baby …

An Australian woman Catherine Svilicic lives with her husband and 2-year-old daughter Charlotte in the suburbs of the Australian city of Cairns. And recently, their family was replenished with another member of the family – a Doberman named Khan. The former owners abandoned the dog, but Katherine and her husband, took him in without hesitation once they saw him in the shelter,.

Just 4 days after the Doberman found new owners, he was played along with little Charlotte in the yard. It seemed that the child gets along well with the animal, but suddenly the dog bared his teeth and growled. A moment later, he grabbed the girl by the diaper and jumped with her to the side!

The mother, terribly frightened, rushed to save her baby, but it turned out that the danger had already passed. In fact, Khan did not attack the baby, as it seemed from the outside, but saved her!
In the place where the girl played a second ago, a poisonous snake crawled … At the last moment, the brave Khan managed to save his little mistress, but the snake bit him!

Fortunately, in the end, everyone was alive and well. The girl turned out to be completely unharmed, and the veterinarians who arrived in time for the call promptly injected the Doberman with an antidote, so that he was practically not injured.

Katherine cannot get enough of her new family member, so she wants as many people as possible to know about this wonderful story!

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