A 16-year-old boy took care of the little horse himself: their amazing bond

When this horse was born, Christophe was sixteen years old. So, the boy named him Valery.

After the birth of the foal, unfortunately, the mare left this world. Christophe took care of the little horse himself.

When Valery grew up, the boy led him to the nearby lawn where the grass was more abundant.

One day, the horse was left alone on the lawn. Returning there in an hour, Christophe did not find it.

The horse disappeared as if forever. The young man fell into deep stress.

Tears streamed from his eyes when he thought of his beloved friend.

Everyone knows that the horse is now used not only in agriculture but also for sport and business.

After Valery’s disappearance, a year and a half passed when one amazing day equestrian competition was organized around the village.

Christophe was among the spectators. Suddenly he saw his horse riding. The boy couldn’t believe his eyes…

Since he was frequently injured during competitions, special chemicals were applied to his feet, damaging his legs.

Currently, the boy is with his lovely friend and nothing can disturb their happiness.


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