9 years ago, a young girl was born with a distinctive “clown nose”: look ather current appearance after so many years

When Lloyd Connie was born her parents decided firmly that they would keep their child despite her “unusual” appearance.

Connie had a large red mole on her nose which was known as a “clown nose.”

The doctors diagnosed it as hemangioma and told her parents that it would fade away on its own. But teh years passed and there was no difference in it. So the parents decided to take steps and find an alternative solution to the problem.

The little girl grew older and older and was concerned about her appearance as she had fewer and fewer friends. S her parents searched for 3 years until found an appropriate professional who would be able to remove the birthmark from the nose.

The girl’s operation was a great success and both the parents and the doctor’s efforts were not in vain. The results are satisfying and after treatment, the girl looked the same as her peers.


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