189-year-old giant tortoise Jonathan photographed in 1886 and nowadays will warm your heart

The most long-living creatures on earth are humans. However, some species can outlive the US and one of them is the tortoise. It may sound doubtful, but these creatures can live for centuries. Today we will introduce you to a fellow who is nearly 2 centuries old.

Look at Jonathan, a 189 years old grand tortoise, who is the oldest known overland creature in the world. This animal was born back in 1832.



The interesting thing about Jonathan is that he was first photographed more than a century ago.

The first picture of Jonathan was taken back in 1886. It’s amazing to witness that the long years haven’t changed a lot in his appearance.

There is no need to say that the creature was 54 years old when first photographed.

Although Jonathan is older than anyone could be, he still acts like a youngster full of energy. However, doctors discovered that the animal is getting older and there are signs of aging. Day by day he loses his sense of sight and smell.

Let us mention that despite getting old, the animal is on a strict diet to keep its shape.

You can admire the photo of Jonathan taken in 1902 and compare it with his nowadays appearance.

Also, check out the video where the tortoise is taking a bath for the first time!


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