18 impressive wolf dogs that will make us want to have one

Wolfdogs are a cross between a wolf and a dog. Therefore, for these hybrids to be born, both the dog and the wolf must mate to create a beautiful wolfdog.

As a result of the combination of these two breeds, the puppy is born with a somewhat aggressive temperament, but it can become a domesticated pet. As soon as he starts a steady training regimen, he can get his taming done. Also, these wolfhounds can be guard dogs or just domestic dogs.

Take a look at these beautiful images of wolf dogs that are usually classified as aggressive. Which can train and live with humans peacefully and with much love.

In the case of being in their personal environment, they will always be alert to any danger.

They also manage to create strong bonds with their owners and are extremely loyal.

These wolfhounds are often very loving, requiring a lot of attention and love, just like any other dog.

Also, kisses and hugs are his favorites, when it comes to showing love.

They also like to be around animals of the same size and love to be social with them.

Especially, when wolf dogs are domesticated, they create a bond where the family is like a pack and seeks to safeguard them at all costs.

Undoubtedly, they have almost inexhaustible energy and are in constant motion throughout the day.

On the other hand, depending on the breed of dog and wolf mated, the temperament of the offspring can vary greatly.

After 15 days of birth, wolfdogs must be under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

It should be noted that for some who have an instinct for aggression that is too high and cannot be domesticated, they should not be left alone with children at home.

But, there are some wolves that have a low instinct for aggression and are tamed without any problem. These are excellent company for children. However, these must always be under supervision.

Despite the fact that their life cycle is 12 to 15 years, they manage to win our hearts.

As a result of their love, they copy the example set by their dream and pay attention to their voice. As if it were a conversation.

In particular, these wolfhounds at 3 years of age is when they reach full maturity. Very similar to what dogs are.

Also, they have very well developed senses of sight, smell and hearing.

Males in particular probably weigh between 36 and 56 kilograms and females between 31 and 45 kilograms. It also depends a lot on the breed of dog the wolf mates with.

These animals love the outdoors and run freely everywhere.

These wolf dogs, if they are locked up for a long time at home, do not feel well and their mood changes.

And you, which of all these wolf dogs is your favorite? Would you like to have one? We would love for you to leave your comment. Share these beautiful images of wolf dogs with your friends and family, so that they can also appreciate their beauty.


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