11-year-old Peter Rosalita defeated the judges by singing a song from a Disney cartoon

One hit on the internet is the video of 11-year-old Peter Rosalita appearing at AGT: All-Stars 2023.

This time he performed a song from the cartoon “Hercules” and impressed the judges and guests.

The video, published on YouTube, has already become a real hit – to date, on the aforementioned network alone, it has gained more than 2,400,000 views, and many online commentators have admired the boy’s singing abilities.

Peter Rosalita has already participated in the show “America’s Got Talent”, and these days he was invited to a special version, where only contestants who have declared themselves on the show “Has Talented” perform all over the world.

In front of the judges, an 11-year-old boy from the Philippines sang the song “Go The Distance”, which many of us know from the cartoon “Hercules”. Listen to his vocal performance that wowed the judges and audience at AGT: All Stars 2023.


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