Watch a reserved seat on a Japanese overnight train. All passengers sleep on a large shelf

Night trains are still one of the hallmarks of Japan. The famous Sunrise Express is not inferior to a first-class flight in terms of comfort, but only if you have purchased an expensive ticket. The traveler decided to do the opposite and bought places in the local reserved seat: he turned on the camera and showed how all the passengers slept on a large shelf. Sunrise Express travels along a long route and departs from Tokyo. The train develops up to 130 km / h, that is, it is quite possible to travel most of the way to the remote prefecture in one night. The best seats on the train are the Single Deluxe.

These are separate rooms located on the upper level of a double-decker car. The guest has his own desk, a double bed and even a sink. Single and solo rooms are simpler. They also mean personal accommodation, but there is only one bed here. A seat by the window will provide the tourist with an amazing experience of traveling at high speed through Japan. The train brand card is surprisingly the cheapest places, the so called Nobi Nobi.

Here the traveler, intrigued by the local customs, decided to spend the night. The thing is, Nobinobi is a real reserved seat, only with a Japanese flavor. It is a long large shelf, each guest is entitled to a place 190 centimeters long and 80 wide. The spaces are only separated by small partitions. There is no gender segregation in the Nobinobi domain.

Overall, all travelers sleep on a long shelf, only a thin retractable curtain separates the seats from each other. The Japanese are used to being very attentive to their personal space and that of others. Going on a trip on such an overnight train, you can be sure that no one will interfere with your rest.



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