Tiny guy got Lego as a Christmas present and built a stroller for his dog

This adorable dog was born without any front legs. She was called Gracie. Unfortunately, the people who breed her threw her out when she was just two days old. Luckily she was rescued by the couple who made a decision to take good care of her.

The kind family provided almost everything for her. The only thing they couldn’t provide was the support for her to move. Actual strollers that were for paralyzed pets were too expensive for the family.

The baby was growing quickly and getting the appropriate size of a stroller would have been costly as well.

On Christmas day the boy Dylan, the owner of the puppy, got a pack of Lego constructors as a gift. And he made a stroller for the dog using lego parts.

It turned out a very comfortable one. Additionally, it is adjustable, meaning when the puppy outgrows it, the size can be changed accordingly. Also, once the baby becomes big, the parents could buy a permanent stroller according to her size.

After a few days, Gracie got used to it. Now she is able to happily run in the house and take walks in the park.

Dylan also put some soft foam on the place where Gracie’s tummy rests in order for it to be comfortable for her.

Thanks to this temporary stroller Gracie was able to fully enjoy life till she got an actual stroller. Months later she was already mature and got a real one.

The puppy was fortunate to have kind-hearted and thoughtful people around.


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