This man saved a dog with a serious illness, spending the savings that he saved up throughout his life

Dogs brighten up the loneliness of people who no longer have anyone and they are the same family members from conscientious owners. And, if God forbid, something happens to the pet, then the owner will not spare the means to cure and save him.

So it happened with one elderly man who had no relatives and the dog became his only outlet. They lived like best friends for ten years and suddenly, during one walk, the pet suddenly fainted.

The pensioner took her to the veterinarian, who diagnosed that the dog could not live for more than six months, however, a complex operation could prolong his life, and even then, it is very difficult to find a surgeon who would do this.

The man decided not to give up and started looking for a doctor and found out that he lived very far away, in Japan, and the operation required as much as 50 thousand dollars. The pensioner had accumulated such a sum and, without hesitation, spent it on treating the dog.

Some time after the operation, the dog became completely healthy and runs around the yards, happily barking and wagging its tail. The man never regretted that he spent money on saving the animal, since he had no one dearer in this world.

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