There is no stronger love than a mother’s! The dog was reunited with his baby after two years of separation!

What could be more touching than the reunion of a mother and child? This applies not only to people, but also to dogs.
We will tell you the story of Emma and her baby Slick, who were separated almost two years ago…

Both pets ended up in a shelter for homeless animals. They always stuck together, and Emma constantly took care of her son.

But soon, unfortunately, it happened that the dogs were adopted by different owners. This severed their close relationship for a long 2 years. The new owners of Slick noticed how their pet was sad for his mother, but they could not do anything about it.

And now, after such a long time, they had an idea. With the help of the volunteer organization Best Friends, they tracked down the family that adopted Emma.

The owners of the dogs met and decided that they simply had to restore the connection between mother and son.
The people agreed to meet in the city park, but they were worried that the dogs might not recognize each other.
In vain! Even the longest separation cannot completely destroy the bond between a mother and her child.)

“They literally started jumping for joy! It was a very touching sight. Usually Emma is not very friendly towards other animals, but she immediately recognized her child, ”said Don, Emmy’s owner.

Now the owners regularly take their pets out for walks together. The local dog adoption coordinator was delighted with the news.

“Such reunions are a huge rarity. When we found out that this would happen, we were so excited, because we remember what a strong bond there was between Emma and Slick back in the shelter, ”said the animal rights activist.

They are together again, and it’s wonderful! ))

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