The woman was searching for the owners of this found cat but she made a mistake

The woman suddenly found a cat who was next to her house and was screaming.
She took the cat home to protect her from other dogs. Later, she posted her photo on social media to find her owners.

I found a cat and took it home to protect her, she wrote on the internet.
She also wrote that the animal had a bad temper. And she would soon take the animal to the shelter if the owners would not be found.

She is a very angry and big cat
It’s hard to take care of this animal and I already lost my fingers when trying to pet her, she wrote.

People who saw the photos told her to get rid of the animal as it was a lynx. And it could be dangerous for her.
The woman was so scared of this

It’s hard to believe that I brought such an animal to my home, she said. Now I should clean the whole house. And later she took her back to the forest.
Luckily, the story ended happily and there was no harm.

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