The six-legged dog becomes the best friend of a sick child, and teaches him self-confidence

Despite his disability, Ru does not lack either energy or cheerfulness. This young dog passes them on to his entire family, starting with his friend Luke. This teenager with psoriasis, thanks to her, began to live better with his disease.

Born in 2019 with 6 legs, Roo gets around by doing small jumps, a bit like a kangaroo. This Labrador/Retriever mix lives in Kent, a county in the south-east of England, with her family who adores her and will do anything to keep her happy.

Despite the fact that she has extra legs, she does not feel pain and is not interfered with in her activities.

It is with their son Luke that the dog has a special relationship. A 15-year-old teenager suffers from psoriasis, an inflammatory dermatological disease characterized, in particular, by the formation of thick patches of skin. Due to his peculiarity, Luke is often ridiculed by his classmates.

Nursing assistant Lauren, Luke’s mother, knows full well that Ru is helping her son to better deal with his situation and accept himself. The cheerful and energetic temperament of the bitch brings her a lot every day, and her determination inspires.

Roux had surgery a year ago; his sixth leg was amputated. Since then, she has learned to move again, and nothing can stop her.

Apart from Luke, Ru will also be a source of inspiration and comfort for other people in trouble. In fact, she will soon be trained to become a therapy dog. Once her apprenticeship is complete, she visits elderly people suffering from loneliness in nursing homes with Lauren.

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