The rich man put himself under a homeless man and asked passers-by for a request, after which he called an expensive car and left. All of this was recorded on video

A wealthy man decided to check the reaction of passers-by to a homeless man’s request to call. He put on dirty, worn clothes and started approaching people on the street asking them to let them call.

Many refused, but those who accepted observed a strange sight: a man called a motorcade, which came to pick him up within minutes. In the image of the psychological control of passers-by, all the details have been thought out. They found very old dirty clothes for the man, and the make-up artists worked on the image of the homeless. There was nothing about the filthy, dirty man that betrayed a wealthy gentleman.

The outfit was clearly a success, as for the first 40 minutes every passerby on the street refused to call. As a result, the benefactor was found, but he had to speak through the loudspeaker. The owner did not dare to put the phone in the hands of a stranger. Imagine the benefactor’s surprise when a disorderly man called for a chauffeured car. The request seemed strange, but literally minutes later an expensive car with a courteous driver in a suit really arrived.

The car was accompanied by a security jeep, an essential attribute of any motorcade

. Everything that happened was filmed by a hidden camera operator, who was nearby. Interestingly, almost all passers-by refused the request. Apparently, trust in the outside society is at the lowest possible level.


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