The pet stands at the coffin of its holder as a farewell and makes its family emotional

Grief refers not only humans but also creatures when a familiar one passes away.

An organizer of funeral Jeremy saw that scene when noticed the behavior of the pet. Its name was Sadie. The story occurred in 2018. Its holder passed away of congestive heart failure.

It lived with its holder about 13 years and there had formed a firm connection among them. When he by chance was sick the family called for aid but when the doctors came he had passed away already.

They did their best to make him to come to life but could not. When the doctors went away the dog approached to him and sat beside him. In those days the whole family was grieving and Sadie was not also an exception.

He fell into a depression. Most of the time it was sitting near window as if was waiting for him to return. It still had hope that he once would be back.

It was very loyal to him and attached. During the funeral the family decided to take the dog with them and let the pet to farewell its holder. It went close to the coffin and started to stand.

It mad people there cry they were all touched by the scene. As if it realized what had happened. He wanted to hug its owner.

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