The little boy couldn’t contain his joy when the bride’s stepmother spoke such heartfelt words to the groom.

After years of having an unofficial relationship, the loving couple decided to make it official.

Josh Neville and Emily Lehan have requested a short vacation to prepare for their wedding.
They requested more time so that they could fully realize and make memorable their special occasion.

They made every effort to cram as many of their desired experiences as possible into their lives, including taking a honeymoon before returning to work.
Gage, Neville’s first marriage’s son, was the recipient of a very thoughtful speech written by Emily.

Gage and the other guests were pleasantly surprised.
Emily requested that her heartfelt speech be read after the traditional vows and ring exchange.
The lovely bride took the stage and read sweet and heartfelt words she had written for Gage.

That day, they carried a lot of responsibility and weight on their shoulders.
Emily gave birth to a healthy son and is now the proud mother of a four-year-old son.

Everyone in the room began to cry as Emily read her speech.
I’d like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am to be in the company of such a kind, witty, and attractive young man.

I hope you always feel safe and like a decent person, and that you understand how unique you are.
I thank God for the wonderful blessing that is you.

His remarks moved not only the small child, but also his father and the entire audience.
The young man’s upbringing in a motherless home had a profound impact on him.

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