The farmer put a chicken egg to the eagle, set up a camera and began to observe. Video

The farmer decided to conduct an interesting experiment: he took an ordinary chicken egg and put it in the eagles’ nest. To his surprise, the eagles hatched the egg as if it were their own, but the most interesting thing began after the chick hatched right in front of the birds. A pair of eagles have lived on the farm since childhood, once the farmer raised them from the ground as small chicks.

Therefore, the birds grew up completely domestic – they hunted, but out of habit they flew to their native farm to nest. Once again, the man could not resist the experiment that had long interested him. He carefully took the eagle’s egg and transferred it to the laying hen, and took her egg to the eagles in return. A few days later both chicks hatched.

Here the most interesting began. The hen did not seem to notice the change – she fed the chick as her own. But the eagles were obviously very surprised, they did not take the chicken into the flock. They fed their own chicks and ignored him. Of course, the farmer did not continue the experiment.

He again returned the birds to the right nests, the eagles quickly orientated themselves and immediately accepted their chick. The chicken, as before, did not notice anything. Here’s what the whole experiment looked like in dynamics: Eagles seem to have a much higher level of self-awareness than people think.



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