The cute and sweet Texas boy took his first steps at the age of 4: It made his mom cry

Once, it happened, so the doctor told this future mother that her child would be undeveloped limbs.

The young woman got frustrated and could not stop thinking about his future.

To her surprise, her baby boy could defy the challenge and the rare condition.

The baby was absolutely healthy though he was born disabled by both sides.

Her brave mother named Katie Whiddon-Greene had only to be stronger to overcome all the challenges.

So, the young brave mother could put up with the surprising news that it was their fate and be more positive.

Her baby boy named Camden was diagnosed with phocomelia which caused the baby to have totally undeveloped limbs.

After the birth of her cute son, Katie’s troubles were doubly connected with his future life.

The baby was a miracle, and whenever he smiled, Katie could not resist her tears.

However, she constantly kept herself strong thinking that she simply couldn’t give up her hope.

Over time, Katie began to believe in themselves always whispering that together they could do anything.

So, her hope was getting bigger and bigger

They made lots of efforts to help the baby Camden to walk and integrated into society.

Luckily, at the age of 4, the young boy could do his first steps that stood in his mom’s memory forever.

As Katie said, “it was just a dream”!

She was so excited that her son finally could walk and do simple actions by himself.

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