Tail, four paws, but what a big kind heart she has

In the garbage dump, Nadya tried to find food, but instead of food, she found newborn kittens. The kids were hungry and very cold. Nadia recently lost her puppies, who disappeared when she went looking for food. The dog grieved and was very upset by loneliness. The animal perceived the appearance of kittens on its way as a real gift of fate.

Nadia had milk left, smelling it, the kittens immediately reached out to the dog, and she, deciding that the babies were sent to her from above, immediately began to feed them.

From that day on, Nadia’s life took on a new meaning. She lived for the kittens and did her best to keep them fed and not cold. The dog was constantly looking for food, washing and warming his adopted children. In summer, the life of homeless animals is tolerable, but with the onset of cold weather, it became more and more difficult for Nadia to feed her growing kittens, and it was also not easy to find shelter from rain and wind. The dog believed that fate would smile at her again and would not let her and the kids die from the cold,

By the end of the summer, the kittens became large, they began to catch mice. Sometimes the kids went to warm themselves in the basement of the house, but always returned to their mother. The kittens were beautiful, but living on the street they were almost always dirty. Nadia understood that it was difficult to see the beauty of her children under a layer of dirt, and she really wanted someone to notice them and take them to their home. The dog constantly washed the kittens, the cat only got dirty very quickly.

The dog made a lot of effort to keep the kittens clean. Nadya knew that it would be very difficult for them to be outside in winter, so she hoped that people would see beautiful babies and help them.

The dog had a huge loving heart, she did not want to part with the kittens, but did everything possible so that they found a home, realizing that she could not take care of them in winter.


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