Rescued from a puppy factory where she lived under infamous conditions, Bonnie now fights crime.

2021 marks a decisive turning point in Bonnie’s life. The dog, then 6 months old, was rescued from a dog factory in Wales. Today she joined the police as a search dog.

Bonnie was born in one of the worst places in Wales. A female Labrador Retriever was kept in a puppy mill and lived in appalling conditions. Abandoned, cachexic and skin problems, a 6-month-old dog was found in an unsettled state in 2021.

That day, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and local police released about 20 dogs, who were welcomed with open arms by volunteers from various shelters. “When the dogs were taken out of the first two enclosures, none of them could walk on a leash and they were all terrified of the outside world,” RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper told the BBC.

Bonnie was transferred to the West Hatch Animal Centre, the Somerset affiliate of the RSPCA. This rescue operation marked the end of an ordeal and the beginning of a well-deserved new life.

Bonnie helps the police fight crime

After living in appalling conditions, Bonnie and her peers have come back to life. And the future of our heroine has already been planned …

The shelter staff noticed that the sable beauty has potential as a working dog. However, because dark places scared her, she failed the firefighters’ tests. But it wasn’t too bad, because Bonnie found her calling in someone else.

Indeed, a female Labrador Retriever began her training with cynologist Claire Todd and her companion named Stella. After completing her training to find money, drugs and weapons in December 2021, Bonnie officially joined the police. Today, she lives and works with a man named Hunt and her German Shepherd Django, whom she especially treasures.

Loving, friendly and very talented, Bonnie has started a new chapter in her life. After going through hell, she fights crime alongside her human counterparts and thrives every day. What fate!

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