Pregnant Dalmatian Has Huge Belly. But When Puppies Come Out, Owner Realizes Vet Was Wrong

For the Disney movies fans, you must be familiar with the 101 Dalmatians. It is an animated movie from 1996 and is an all-time favorite. In 1990, the movie was adapted into a live movie. It was a great hit and children love it to date.

The story below involves a Dalmatian and is it is not fictional.

Miley is a first time Dalmatian mom. On 18th May, Miley and Astor, the father of the puppies, were eager to meet their babies.

The ultrasound revealed that Miley was pregnant with three puppies. However, Miley’s owner was in for a big surprise. When Miley started giving birth, there was no end to the number of puppies emerging from her belly.

Instead of three puppies as the vet had predicted, Miley gave birth to 18 puppies. Fortunately, all the puppies are healthy and doing well.

Miley has challenges feeding her litter. The puppies have to take turns to feed. Sometimes, Miley’s owner steps in and helps feed the pups.

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