Police Rescue Men & Dogs From Flood !

At the risk of their lives, police officers in Queensland, Australia intervened at the height of the flood to rescue passengers from a van stuck in the water. It was about 3 dogs including a dog and also 2 people.

On Thursday, May 12, rivers overflowed in Morvinch, a city located 90 kilometers from Brisbane in northeast Australia. Heavy rains caused flooding in the region, causing severe damage.

The lifeguards had a lot of work to do. The police unit was responding to a serious traffic accident when they received an urgent call about a stuck van with people and dogs inside.
The vehicle in question was swept off the road by the waves before finishing against a tree, according to Metro. Upon arrival, the police found the first man desperately clinging to the passenger side door. Another older man was driving.

They were accompanied by 3 dogs, including a Great Dane puppy. Two adults — another Great Dane and a kelpie.
All safe and sound, thanks to the police. One of them looks after the three dogs until the weather improves.

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