Nursing home residents rejoice at a special visit from a dog that brings them joy and sweetness!

Residents of Craigielea Care Home, located in Renfrew, UK, received a very special visit from their four-legged companion: Milo. The little dog began to hug.
With a big smile on their lips, the seniors at Craigielea Care Home greeted Milo. The dog, a real ray of sunshine, jumped from room to room to share moments of sweetness with the residents. Warm hugs here, treats there, the day was just as sweet for the dog.

In addition to cuddling, Milo also played with several old people. Those who could even walked around the neighborhood with him. The ball of wool really pleased the inhabitants.

“You will immediately feel the difference when Milo walks in the door,” said facility manager Sheila Inshaw, “everyone gets up from their chairs, chatting and throwing the ball down the hallway for him to pick it up.” It’s a lot of fun for all of our residents who love it when Milo jumps on their lap for a hug. His colleague Jodi Canavan added: “It’s been over a year since Milo’s first visit and they can’t get enough of it. This is a calm and gentle dog.»

The animal visit was organized as part of the residency’s pet therapy program. The latter tends to encourage guests to stay active and connect with others. Over the years, they have welcomed alpacas and other adorable creatures with open arms.

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