MrBeast pays for 1,000 surgeries so blind people can see for the first time

A few days ago, a video of Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast made thousands of people cry with joy.

Everyone had vision problems, but thanks to Jimmy, their eyes were restored and their lives improved thanks to a simple but expensive operation.

The videos he has posted on YouTube over the past few days have received over 110 million views and many netizens are impressed with MrBeast and his charitable work.

Jimmy Donaldson, a 24-year-old from Wichita, Kansas, is considered one of the biggest video content creators on YouTube. Under the pseudonym MrBeast on the above network, he posts many challenges and jokes, but also often shows his kindness.

The other day, he posted a video on his YouTube channel that made almost a thousand people happy. He paid each of them for eye surgery that restored their sight, and surprised some with money and lavish gifts.


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