Kitten with adorable ‘Bleep’ gets back on his paws after being found abandoned in a yard

A kitten rescued in a yard regained his footing and developed quite the personality.

Earlier this year, a California citizen noticed a kitten in need of assistance.

Their dog walked outside and returned with the small ball of hair.

He was just a few days born and had no mother or siblings.

Jacqueline DeAmor, founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, spotted a post about the kitten in need of medical care and volunteered to take him.

Adam and Margaux, the rescue’s foster liaisons, hit the road and proceeded to pick him up.

Jellybean, the kitten, arrived with a nasty bite wound on his shoulder, but with appropriate treatment, he began to recover.

Jellybean’s wound healed in three days, and he was ready to enchant his folks with his endearing eccentricities.

He would push his tongue out after each feeding, offering the prettiest “blip” as a manner of expressing his appreciation.

He’d even actually sleep with his mouth wide open, daydreaming about food.

Jellybean would have to be syringe-fed regularly for a while, since he couldn’t achieve a decent latch.

It was so happy to be attended to that he let out his distinctive “blip.”

Custom firmware transformed into a fireball of excitement as quickly as he discovered out how to move and leap.

He was becoming more energetic and lively, and he was always on the watch for mischief.

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