Kitten Found Stuck in a Tree, Decides to Move in with the Couple that Helped Him (Video)

Some people and animals are made for each other. While saving the kitten, Ashley Pennington temporarily took him to her home. Her husband, who didn’t want other animals, was touched by this adorable kitten.

It all started with a simple walk. Ashley Pennington was wandering around her neighborhood with her dog when she heard a soft meow. After searching for several minutes, she managed to find the source: the kitten was stuck in a tree near her house. Not once, not twice, she pulled out the ladder and followed her.

Once on solid ground, the fluffy ball rubbed against the legs of her heroine and followed her into her garden. The animal even rushed inside the house when it saw that the door was open! «My husband was sleeping and I knew he wouldn’t want another pet,» Ashley said.

On that day, the cat in the red coat sat on the knees of his savior and never let go.
«My husband finally woke up and I said, ‘We have a problem,'» Ashley added. The latter led her husband to the survivor. The man suggested she go to a local animal shelter.
“20 minutes passed and I saw my husband playing outside with a cat,” Ashley explained, “I will call you Kevin,” he said. The kitten literally won her heart.


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